SysAdmin makes it so much easier to administer multidomain Active Directory-based networks by providing a single tool to do whatever you need - use it to manage domains, servers, computers, users, and groups.

This is an application for Windows 10, which lets you:

  • Add, edit and delete objects in Active Directory
  • View software and hardware
  • Events, processes, services on computers
  • Add and delete objects from groups
  • Reset a user's password
  • Add photos
  • Restart and shutdown remote computers
  • Computers performance
  • Simple terminal
  • Passwords generator
  • Check new updates
  • Filters for users, computer
  • Patterns for add new users
  • Move object to another container
  • Monitoring: CPU, Drive, Memory, HTTP, Ping, Process, Service, Events
  • Reports


Before using this application, you must install the SysAdmin Windows service on one of the computers in the domain.

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  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6 (Windows Service)
  • Windows 10 (Desktop or Mobile)


SysAdmin Windows service: